Payment methods

With several years of experience in this sector, Objectware has developed expertise in all areas related to payment methods, electronic banking and the filtering of transactions and financial flows.

Payment Methods Offer

With more than 150 employees, we work with major French banks and institutions.

We support our clients on all the application bricks that make up a Payment IS: from the Acquisition to the Restitution of the flow through its Processing, the Account Management, as well as on the Exchange layer that allows access to the Interbank Exchange Systems.

Our Practice

This practice covers the following perimeters:

  • SEPA: SCT, SDD and more recently Instant Payment
  • Interbank exchange systems: CORE, STEP2, TARGET2, CHAPS, TIPS, RT1 and SWIP
  • Cash Management: Acquisition and restitution of flows, Cash Pooling, E-banking
  • Electronic banking: Issuer, acquirer, fraud
  • Compliance: Flow filtering and database screening

Our value-added services

  • Steering: Project management and project leadership, Project Manager
  • Project management: MOA, AMOA, PO, PPO
  • Project management: Design, Development, technical integration and expertise
  • Production: Flow management

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Focus on Maël Gaudichon, promoted to Payment Methods Branch Manager this summer!

Objectware is committed to supporting its employees in managing their careers.