Confidentiality policy


Data protection policy


  1. Preamble

Objectware and its subsidiaries as defined under Article L.233-3 of the French Code of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as “Objectware”) processes Personal Data (as defined below) as part of its business operations, including Data belonging to users who browse the Objectware Website (the “Website”).

This Data Protection Policy (the “Policy”) aims at explaining to all private persons concerned (“You” or “Your”) how Objectware collects and uses this Data and the means by which You can control how it is used.



  1. Scope of this data protection policy

This Policy covers the principles and guidelines that govern the data protection policy, and including personal data collected on – or via – the website.

Objectware collects personal data online (including by email) and offline. This policy applies irrespective of the methods used to collect or process it.

The term ‘personal data’ refers to all information pertaining to an identifiable or private person. A person is deemed ‘identifiable’ when they can be directly or indirectly identified, in particular via an ID number of several pieces of information specific to them.

The term ‘non-personal data’ relates to information that does not allow the person in question to be identified.

Visitors to, and users of, the website are informed that the website is subject to specific terms and conditions of use. Use of the website, and any personal data that you accept to share on the website, are subject to this policy and the applicable terms and conditions of use.

  1. Collected data

Personal data can include the following:

  • Job roles
  • First and last names
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number(s)
  • University, diplomas and modules taken
  • Organisation type (company, school, university, etc.), organisation name, organisation size, job title and department
  • Industry and industrial sub-sectors
  • IP address and
  • any other personal data that may be deemed relevant for the purposes listed below.

In any event, personal data that is collected is strictly limited to the minimum needed to achieve the purposes outlined in Article 4 below.

Visitors to, and users of, the website are informed that some of the website’s features and characteristics are only accessible if you share some personal data with Objectware when you use or visit the website. You are free to choose whether or not you share all or part of your personal data. However, if you choose not to do so, your decision may prevent the objectives outlined in Article 4 from being fulfilled, or fulfilled to satisfactory levels. In addition, some of the website’s services and features may not work correctly and/or you may be denied access to some of the website’s pages.

  1. Purposes for which data is collected

As explained above, you are free to decide whether or not to share your personal data.

Personal data is generally collected for Objectware’s commercial needs, such as to improve Objectware’s advertising and marketing campaigns, to improve adaptation of Objectware’s products and services to better align with clients’ needs or compliance with legal requirements, and other similar activities.

Objectware collects and uses data concerning you for business purposes and to the following end in particular:

  • To ensure you are able to request and receive information on Objectware and Objectware’s products and services
  • To ensure you have access to the website’s interactive and personalised features
  • To target your needs and interests and provide you with the products and/or services that best match your profile
  • To allow Objectware to manage its marketing campaigns
  • To allow Objectware to manage its business relationships
  • To offer you the right business or support services
  • To process job applications and manage recruitment pools

Subject to the local legislation in force, by providing your email address you expressly authorise Objectware to use it along with any other personal data deemed useful to send you marketing and sales content.

Objectware may also use your email address for administrative purposes, or for other non-marketing-related purposes (such as to notify you of any changes made to the website).

  1. Cookies

The website may use cookies or other technology to collect and store personal data. Cookies are text files that are stored and used to save personal and non-personal data surrounding how you browse the website. Cookies can be permanent (remaining on your hard drive once you leave the website and being re-used the next time you visit) or temporary (disappearing as soon as you leave the website).

Objectware uses cookies to:

  • Improve your user experience, in particular by:

– Allowing the service to recognise your hardware, ensuring you do not have to enter the same information repeatedly to execute the same task

  • Analyse web traffic and website data in order to:

– Measure service user numbers, thus making the services easier to use and ensuring they are able to quickly respond to your requests
– Help Objectware understand how users interact with the services in order to improve them.

Objectware may also use third-party supplier services (such as Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, etc.) to run services on its behalf, in particular to:

  • Analyse your browsing habits and measure website audience numbers
  • Analyse your interests and show you targeted advertising and marketing content

In this case, invisible pixels and cookies provided by the third-party suppliers may be used and stored. When sending information generated by these cookies, the cookie settings ensure that your IP address is rendered anonymous before geo-localising and storing your data. Our service providers go on to use this information in order to assess your use of the website, draw up website activity reports for Objectware and draw your attention to the targeted advertising and services that best suit your needs. Your IP address will not be linked to any other data.

When you browse the website, cookies are enabled by default and your data may be read or stored locally on your device. You will be notified the first time you receive a cookie, and will then be given the option of accepting and refusing them. By continuing to browse the website, you expressly agree to Objectware using these cookies.

You can also configure your browser to systematically disable cookies (including cookies used to measure audience numbers). However, by choosing to do so, some websites’ features and characteristics may not work properly, and you may not be granted full access to some of the website’s areas or services.

If you would like you change or delete your data, you can send a request to

  1. Personal data processing and storage conditions

‘Processing’ personal data includes using, storing, saving, transferring, adapting, analysing, changing, declaring, sharing and destroying personal data depending on what is necessary in light of circumstances or legal obligations.

All personal data collected is stored for a limited period of time depending on why the data is being processed, and this for no longer than is permitted under the applicable law.

  1. Links to websites outside of Objectware’s control

The website may offer links that redirect to third-party websites likely to be of interest to you.

Objectware has no control over the content of third-party websites, or the personal data protection policies they may implement. As a consequence, Objectware declines any responsibility for how these third parties may choose to process your personal data. You are responsible for seeking out information on third parties’ personal data protection policies.

  1. Transfer of personal data

If accessing the website from a non-EU country where legislation pertaining to collecting, using and transferring personal data differs from that in force in the European Union, please be aware that by continuing to use the website, which is governed by French law, the corresponding terms and conditions of use and this policy mean that you are effectively transferring your personal data to the European Union and implicitly agree to the process.

Your personal data may be shared within Objectware for the purposes explained in Article 4 of this policy.

Objectware may transfer your personal data outside the European Union, provided it ensures, prior to the transfer, that the non-EU entities in question offer sufficient protection levels, in compliance with the European legislation in force.

Should Objectware learn that a third party with which it has shared personal data for the purposes given under Article 4 above is using or sharing personal data without complying with this policy, or in violation of the applicable legislation, Objectware shall take all reasonable measures to prevent or end the use or sharing in question.

You also have the right to authorise or prevent Objectware from using your personal data for purposes other than those for which the personal data was originally collected. To do so, please write to the following address:

Objectware may also be required to transfer your personal data to third parties if Objectware deems such a transfer necessary for technical reasons (such as for third-party hosting services, for example), or to protect its legal interests (such as in the event of selling assets to a third party, change of ownership or full or partial liquidation).

Objectware may share your personal data if required to do so under law, or if Objectware genuinely believes that doing so is reasonably necessary in order to comply with legal proceedings (for example a mandate, a summons or any other legal decision), or to protect its rights or assets, or to safeguard the security of Objectware, its clients or members of the public.

If legally possible, Objectware may also share your personal data with third parties in order to show you targeted advertising or marketing content.

The data may be shared over the Internet or by any other method deemed appropriate by Objectware, in compliance with the applicable legislation and Objectware’s internal security policies.

  1. Right to access and rectify your data

Objectware has personal data protection measures in place in order to ensure that personal data is used in compliance with the aforementioned purposes, and to ensure they are kept accurate and up-to-date.

You have the right to access your personal data. In addition, you have the right to request your personal data be rectified, updated or deleted.

You also have the right to request that Objectware send you any personal data it has stored.

If you have an account, you can exercise your right to access and rectify your personal data by logging on to your account. If not, you can exercise your right to access and rectify your personal data by writing to the following address:

Depending on the scope and scale of your request, Objectware reserves the right to invoice you for a reasonable amount to cover costs linked to accessing, rectifying or deleting your data. Objectware reserves the right to deny access to personal data in the specific cases enshrined in the applicable legislation and regulations.

  1. Data recipients and security

Objectware takes all necessary measures to ensure the personal data you choose to share is protected and secure, in order to safeguard confidentiality and prevent it from being altered, damaged, destroyed or shared with unauthorised third parties.

Objectware has taken all physical, electronic and organisational measures to prevent personal data from being lost, misused, altered, destroyed, and accessed or shared by an unauthorised party. As part of these protective measures, Objectware has incorporated technology specifically designed to protect personal data during transfer. In spite of this, and despite Objectware’s best efforts to protect your personal data, Objectware cannot guarantee that this protection is infallible, in light of the inevitable risks inherent to sharing personal data.

Because personal data is confidential, accessing it is restricted to the Objectware service providers and employees who require this information to fulfil their professional responsibilities. All individuals with access to your personal data are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and face disciplinary measures and/or other sanctions if they fail to comply with their obligations.

It is, however, recommended that you exercise care to prevent unauthorised access to your personal data. You are responsible for ensuring your password and the information contained in your account remain confidential. Consequently, you are required to close your sessions when using a shared computer.

  1. Conflict resolution

Despite Objectware taking all reasonable measures to protect personal data, no sharing or storage technology to date is entirely infallible.

Objectware is, however, committed to protecting your personal data. If you have reason to believe your personal data has been compromised or misused, we invite you to contact Objectware at the following address:

Objectware shall examine all complaints surrounding the use and sharing of personal data and shall seek to resolve any issues in line with this policy’s principles.

Unauthorised access to, or misuse of, personal data may infringe local legislation.

  1. Contact information

For any questions concerning this policy, to stop receiving information from Objectware or for any requests to rectify, add to, update or delete your personal data, please send an email to the following address:

  1. Start date and revisions to the personal data protection policy

This policy enters into force on 25 March 2018.

This policy may be updated according to Objectware’s needs, circumstances and legal requirements. Consequently, we invite you to check back regularly for updates.