Client case for BNP Paribas/Hello Bank

Client relations
Project's functional area
A workflow tool designed to make contact and track how contact progresses (opening or transferring accounts).
Technological environment
PHP 5.6, HTML5, CSS3, Zend 2, MySQL, Mantis, SVN
Agile SCRUM with two-week sprints
Detailed description of the project

The idea was to update the BackOffice, which is constantly changing, to align with the group’s compliance with security regulations, but also to develop a new solution for digital client relations.
This application was intended to allow prospective clients to open bank accounts from the comfort of their own homes in any of the banks in the network, without having to make an appointment with an advisor or leave the house.

Drawbacks and key success
Intensive support for the client required during Sprint 0, as the client is not used to working in Agile mode.
- Objective: have a well-defined and prioritised backlog product.
- Action: Setting up several workshops was key to successfully completing this tricky stage.
- Result: A clear, prioritised backlog product that ensures the development team can do its job.