Client case for Lefebvre Sarrut Publishing

Redeveloping the IS Back Office Editorial
Project's functional area
Redeveloping the "Back Office Editorial" information system by setting up a dedicated Services Centre.
Technological environment
Java 8/Spring 4, Tomcat V7, AngularJS 4, Spring MVC, Nosql MongoDB, SolR Cloud, Zookeeper, ActiveMQ, ELK, JIRA, XML, XSLT, XQUERY, etc.
Setting up the project in Agile Scrum mode with three-week sprints.
Number of participants
GDT on Objectware's premises with over 10 consultants.
The team comprises a Scrum Master, two Tech Leads and six to eight Engineering and Development Engineers with extensive experience in Java/J2EE technologies
Detailed description of the project

This project involves setting up a production chain that encompasses all content and all processing needed to feed into the various platforms accessible to the clients.
In addition, the application needs to allow for saving and modifying all content and ensuring significant scalability.

Drawbacks and key success
Support during Sprint 0 to finalise Agile mode-related organisation.
Objective: have a well-defined and prioritised backlog product.
Action: Setting up several workshops was key to successfully completing this tricky stage.
Result: A clear, prioritised backlog product that ensures the development team can do its job.