Objectware’s Project Management Assistance and Consultancy services

Inside-out knowledge of our field and an in-depth understanding of the challenges and issues in our clients’ sectors (markets, retail, insurance, publishing, media, energy, etc.) form the basis for our IS Consultancy & Project Management Assistance services.

IS & IT Consultancy

Our consultancy services are based on our consultants’ hands-on experience. Our operations-focused consulting is based on a practical understanding of programme management by directors, and an innate instinct for what companies working with these new distribution channels need and expect.

Our goal is to offer realistic solutions that combine technological expertise and operational pragmatism.

Project Management Assistance

Objectware’s consultants manage complex projects and lead the way to change with a firmly sector-specific, digital transformation-oriented approach.

They offer insight into decisions that need to be made concerning:

  • Software packages,
  • Analysing existing solutions to be negotiated with publishers,
  • Large project management,
  • Expressing needs in concrete operational and technical terms and offering package integration solutions for the main software packages likely to best meet our clients’ needs and sector specifics (front-to-back software, reconciliation tools, EAI, accounting tools, CRM, HR IS, etc.).

OBJECTIVE: Supporting clients through IS transformation processes

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