Payment Methods services

Objectware has emerged as an expert through its expertise in the different issues and challenges that arise in payment methods and financial flows.

To assist our clients in their business, a team of over 60 experiences consultants works daily on IS integration projects, from design to acceptance testing and roll-out.

Our dedicated team boasts hands-on, method-based skill-sets that allow them to gain a full understanding of the business challenges our clients face.

Our Practice

Our practice encompasses the following areas:

  • Taking flows into account and integrating them into our work, while incorporating Swift front-end software and components and, more generally, financial standards and market infrastructure projects in the banking sector.
  • Adapting and overhauling payment tools as part of SEPA processes in particular, while identifying and implementing strategies and offers for banking clients in this market.
  • Managing cash and accounts for both corporate and private clients.
  • Centralising payment flows and, more generally, financial flows on shared platforms aimed at cutting costs and improving flow management.
  • Complying with regulations and anti-money-laundering measures/anti-terrorism measures, drawing on inside-out knowledge of the tools and solutions that ensure companies comply with the law.

Our added-value services

  • Drawing up expressed needs
  • Drafting specifications
  • Drawing up operational and technical specs
  • Overseeing acceptance testing phases
  • Assisting with configuration
  • Drawing up user manuals and guidelines
  • Training departments/users

Our consultants are comfortable with the following:


  • SAA Swift Alliance Acces
  • SAG Swift Alliance Gateway
  • SNL SwiftNet Link
  • HSM Hardware Security Module
  • AMH Alliance Messaging Hub


  • SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT)
  • SEPA Direct Debit (SDD)
  • SEPA Card Framework (SCF)


  • Acquiring cash flows
  • Liquidity management
  • Risk management
  • Return flows


  • EBICs, PESIT, FTP, SWIFTNet protocols
  • SEPA formats
  • Specific XML for our clients
  • MT SWIFT in 1502 format
  • XML ISO 20022

OBJECTIVE: Multi-specialist teams put to work in handling all payment methods

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