Management and consultancy areas of expertise

Successful digital transformation for companies requires an agile approach combined with flawless management of the essentials, such as cost, quality and turnaround times.


  • Drawing up a strategy, defining a strategy plan,
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations (the law, accounting regulations, tax regulations, standards, established principles of governance, etc.),
  • Overseeing performance, reporting and audits.


  • Setting up the right tools to anticipate change: better internal visibility, interdependency management,
  • Accurate, cohesive analysis of the project portfolio (turnaround times, quality, costs and risks),
  • Optimising use of resources,
  • Bringing projects in line with the company strategy.


  • Implementing working methods, skills, tools and project management techniques to meet each project’s specific needs and requirements,
  • Handling the project’s requirements (scope, turnaround times, costs, quality) as well as those of stakeholders, needs and expectations, etc.
  • Informing committees and boards of all relevant indicators,
  • Submitting areas of improvement,
  • Risk management.




OUR GOAL: Creating visibility to ensure Programme/Project success

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