BI &amp Big Data services

Today’s marketplace is governed by agility and digitalisation, with successful companies demonstrating the ability to make quick decisions based on reliable information to meet the market’s needs (Time to Market).

Our BIG DATA services

Objectware’s BIG DATA division supports you in injecting added value and intelligence into your data, from data storing to retrieval. To do so, our consultants take action in four key areas: Volume, Diversity, Speed, Accuracy

Their cutting-edge skill-sets are put to use in helping you tailor your management for high-performing data results, with assistance in :

  • Consultancy and Choosing your solutions
  • Development and Design
  • Build DataWareHouse and DataLake projects
  • Integration
  • Technical migration and version migration
  • Improving performance via Hadoop and Mapr technologies

Our technical expertise

  • HBase, MongoDB and Cassandra
  • MapR
  • SOLR
  • ELK

Our Business Intelligence services

When it comes to BI, we cover the following areas:

  • Collecting and storing data
  • Boosting performance
  • Data exploration and advanced analysis
  • Help with decision-making

Our strengths allow us to contribute to all stages of decision-making processes, from the very start to final production, as well as operational state maintenance and operating follow-up:

  • Collecting and integrating IT system data via the market’s major ETL platforms (Informatica, Datastage, Talend, etc.)
  • Verifying, modelling and storing data in a secure, high-performance repository.
  • Data recovery and visualisation in dashboard form

Our technical know-how

  • Informatica, Talend, AB Initio, Genio, Cloudera, Cognos, Datastage
  • Tableau, SAP BI, Micro Strategy, Power BI, SAS
  • MS BI
  • Qlik
  • Logstach
  • ELK

OBJECTIVE: Boosting performance and decision-making accuracy

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