Objectware has been chosen for a four-year contract with France TV

In June, we signed a new four-year contract with France Télévisions.

France Télévisions is France’s leading audiovisual group in terms of audience numbers, and oversees public television activities from production to broadcasting. Since 4 January 2010, the group has positioned itself as a joint venture with a focus on merging channels.

This new position requires new internal changes, particularly within the Technical Engineering and Information Systems department.

The Technical Engineering and Information Systems department (ISI) handles all project management and broadcast system maintenance responsibilities, as well as being responsible for the group’s information systems. Its teams work to fulfil France Télévisions’ tech needs while ensuring overall cohesion with its systems.

In order to be able to take on fulfilling these technical needs that span a wide range of different categories, the ISI department was required to recruit external service providers.

We were able to make our case and were chosen to start work in the following categories:

– Category 1: Information Systems or Broadcast Systems project management services
– Category 3: Information Systems technological expertise and development services
– Category 4: Project management support services
– Category 5: Information Systems infrastructure engineering services

Being selected allows us to offer our consultants an incredible opportunity to work with France TV in rolling out their innovative projects.

Well done to Jean-Michel who ensured Objectware was able to secure this amazing opportunity.