Client case for MNHN

Website Framework
Project's functional area
Project: CSF (Citizen Science Framework)
The project aims to design, develop, test, roll out, update and maintain functionality for an open-source Framework with which to create responsive web applications and websites for citizen science tools and observatories
Technological environment
Wordpress, Symfony, PHP, MariaDB, Taïga IO, Selenium, etc.
Agile method
Number of participants
Package-format project (with guaranteed results) on Objectware's Bordeaux premises
Team of six including one Scrum Master, one Architect and four IEDs
Detailed description of the project

Designing, developing and rolling out the CSF SP,
With the following minimum results:

  • Developing and implementing the CSF and a specific template
  • Creating tutorials for web developers, online training in how to use CSF
  • Uploading CSF to github along with all documents needed to install it and create a website
  • Manage github throughout the duration of the project, answering questions and responding to developers
  • Installing CSF on the servers for it to be accessible
  • Creating a pilot website using Framework
Drawbacks and key success
Drawing on operational aspects and defining robust technical architecture.
- Goal: Inside-out control over all the application's objectives
- Action: Setting up several workshops was key to successfully completing this stage.
- Result: The team is autonomous.