Client case for BNP PARIBAS

Decision-making projects
Project's functional area
Contributing to multiple ETL and/or Decision-making report projects, savings plan projects, long-term savings and life insurance or IARD, Eurocroissance, UGO, ENE/VC, Health, DM Successions (Eckert law, unclaimed savings).
Technological environment
INFORMATICA PowerCenter 9, Netezza, Business Objects, ORACLE 9g/11g, SQL, PL/SQL, Unix, Windows, SQL Developer, XML, HP ALM, BMC Remedy Control-M tools.
Detailed description of the project

Assessing and defining needs

• Collecting feedback on users’ needs
• Defining dashboard indicators
• Drafting documentation

Project coordination

• Taking part in project committees for different projects
• Mapping out delivery schedules for acceptance testing and production phases in line with department needs
• Prioritising development needs: Informatica, KSH Unix and Business Objects
• Coordinating development-related topics in Informatica PowerCenter and Business Objects

Project management tasks

• Developing data integration via Informatica PowerCenter
• Updating data models
• Developing SAP Business Objects reports and modifying environments
• Technical analysis for taking on high volumes
• Approving some developments in Informatica PowerCenter (code review, design, etc.)
• Integrating indicators and data graphics
• Unit tests

Application acceptance testing and change management

• Drawing up test and acceptance testing scenarios
• Running different types of test at different stages of the projects
• Structuring acceptance testing carried out by departments
• Approving developments (Informatica and Business Objects) for production delivery
• Updating documentation
• User support

Drawbacks and key success
Goal: Offering expert support throughout decision-making projects
Action: Setting up a BI Task Force
Result: Structured, watertight projects in terms of architecture and services